What is the Photo Art Fair?

What is the Photo Art Fair?

The Photo Art Fair is a four-day exhibition of carefully curated, collectable works from up to 50 international photographers. As a brand new show, the Photo Art Fair is designed to provide visitors with the unique opportunity to purchase collectable photographs direct from both undiscovered and emerging artists.

Photo Art Fair’s central manifesto of ‘intelligent collecting’ will connect photographers with established and potential collectors.

Hundreds of photographic art works will be available at the exhibition with an online gallery to cater to international buyers and enthusiasts around the world which will launch on May 6.

In addition to the new and established talents on display, the exhibition will see Gert Elfering’s personal collection of previously unseen works of Will McBride, which includes reportage and portrait images.

The event will also feature panel discussions, talks, Q&As and workshops from some of the most established and talented practitioners in their field. Panel discussions will focus on some of the current debates surrounding contemporary photography. Workshops on how to collect intelligently will be chaired by the selection committee and tastemakers in the photography world which will also include talks by photographers who will reveal the stories and inspiration behind their work.

The Photo Art Fair aims to be a journey of inspiration through different genres of photography and a celebration of the technological developments, digital and multimedia breakthroughs.